About Meagan

My name is Meagan, or Mal.

I’m passionate about what digital media can do for our generation. I got into social media and thus digital marketing through my original blog, The Lady Who Lunches, and helped start a social media marketing agency called SocialKaty (acquired by Manifest Digital in 2014) in Chicago a few years later.

From that, I specialize in social media and digital marketing and advertising.

If you’re interested in reading some of my work on this:

My work has moved me to London, and this blog is about that, and maybe dribbles from previous lives. Below are a sampling of those other lives and my thoughts on other blogs:

  • Elite Daily: 3 People, 3 Places And 5 Things That Make Baltimore Charm City
  • BBC America: 5 Things You Don’t Expect When You Repatriate to the U.K.
  • The Next Web: As Kindle explodes, we interview a new author on the merits of self-publishing

For fun, I created The Tube Series – finding love on the underground. It’s such a better ride to work when you are only seeing the love that surrounds you.

finding love on the underground
finding love on the underground

In addition to the above, if you follow this blog:

You may hear me talk about a novel called Three Questions that I wrote in 2011 because I had always wanted to write a novel. You can take a gander from the book trailer below, or buy it on Amazon.

You may hear a thing or two about when I lived in Paris and learned to speak French. I can no longer speak in long philosophical rambles but I can hold a convo if you like.

Or you might hear a bit about my most recent obsession with health, what you eat and how it can affect all aspects of your life.

Either way, get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.

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