The Ladies Who…

A Club for Sociable, Inquisitive Ladies
Our goal is to unite sassy, fabulous women in a casual, social environment.

The Ladies Who… are a group of sociable, inquisitive ladies who bring the common book club to a new level. We take back the idea of “the ladies who lunch” from the housewives of yesteryear and bring our own sassy modern twist to it.  We unite monthly to discuss the fabulous books we have read, and to engage in social activities relating to the book.

At each gathering, a theme is chosen ranging from Ladies Who…Volunteer to Ladies Who…Roll Sushi to Ladies Who…Luxuriate, and everything in between. We dare to embark on activities we have never done before, have always wanted to do or, simply, that is fun and mixes well with discussions of our books.

Our group consists of professional women in their twenties and thirties from a variety of backgrounds (PR, TV/Film Casting, NHS Research Administration, Nursing) and countries – England, Wales and the USA.

The first get-together was aptly named The Ladies Who…Read. Every month new women are joining and our circle of female friends is growing (as well as our list of books).

If you want to get involved with starting your own Ladies Who… Club, feel free to email me at meagan dot lopez at gmail dot com


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