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In December 2011, I took a chance, and started a campaign with a website called Kickstarter. You can see the campaign here.

It was 118% successful, and due to this campaign, I am able to market my book properly, reformat the inside & back cover, and create a book trailer. Without the donations of these people below, it would never have been possible.

Extraordinary Sponsor
Mark Pickett, @NailingYourMtg,
Gregory Galdi
Amanda Lopez,
Rachel and Jason Korengold
Naomi Kline,
Robert Derbyshire
Ujjwal Gupta,
Lindsey Bauer,
Jock McEwan
Nitin Gupta,
Bob Vennes
Jimmy Vennes
Craig Ulliott,
John Vennes
James Emmett
Charlie O’Shea
Jim Potts
Jim Murphy
Ian Farrington
Pierre & Elena

Amazing Sponsor
Alfred Maskeroni,
Lisa A. Russell
Andrea Moran, Marengo Hampshire
Ben Blue,

Awesome Sponsor

Michelle Hilburn, the Crabby Cancer Wife
Bill Watterson
Alex Griffiths
Shweta Sharma
Emilio Cagmat,
Courtney Bauer
Tommy Clemmit
Michelle Garrett
Dorothy K. Ross
Ashish Rangnekar
Ben Blugrond
Melissa Richards Stoey
Alexis Holzer
Sara Altier,
Linda Hartka-Reiss
Joy Dimenna,
Pascale Dargis
Arianna Ortiz
Kenya N.
Hanna Uehre
Liam Evans
Matthew Crafton,
Stephanie Sindler
Tania Atkinson
Aaron Stipkovich,
Laurie Powers
Jill Boardman

Candi S., Editor
Grandmom Kisner
David Cruz
Pierce Minor
Alma Pitchford
Sima Dahl
Gena Shaw
Peter Howe
Dane Wilson
Jill at
Andrew Benedict-Nelson
Paul Swan
Richard Blackman
Marannie Rawls-Philippe
Val Chulamorkodt
Marian Mangoubi
Charlotte Bowman

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