Lady Who Productions Inc focuses on diverse women-led narratives with an emphasis on stories taking place on the East Coast of the United States and in France. Filmmaking is our primary function, but feel that sometimes the best way to tell a story is through a novel, theatre, an in-person event. We are also interested in any underdog story about achieving your dreams. We are currently in development on a young adult Sci-Fi Novel, a TV series and a feature length film.

A Baltimore Dream, Feature Film

A Docu-Fiction Feature Film
Production Phase 2

An eclectic tight-knit Baltimore theatre ensemble redefines what success in show business means through this genre-bending film merging real heart-breaking and warming stories with the versions of life their 18-year-old selves thought would happen when graduating as the first class of the millennium.

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Award Winning Short Film

Agoraphobe Sandra literally lives her life through social media. She’s angry at all the smiling women online – why aren’t they as angry at men, the world, everything as she is? She enlists her friend Molly to start a cult of feminine rage!

Directed, Produced and Starring Meagan Adele Lopez
With Mollie Keane
Cinematography by Jackie Teboul
Editing by Volant Neli
Art Director: Helen Cusack O’Keeffe
Sound Engineer: Raphaël Monnin
Gaffer & Interviews D.P.: Raphaël Fourgeaud


CLARA-NOVA’s single “Electric,” an upbeat, driving jam off the EP, gets you moving and falling in love all at the same time. With the video set in the heart of Paris, CLARA-NOVA entices you with the hustle & bustle of the city life. Fast-paced and fleeting, time somehow feels like it slows as you get lost in the montage of moments. It is a truly electric experience.
–   of EarMilk

Official video for “Electric” from “The Golden Age” EP 

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Directed by: Laura Beckner

Executive Producer: Meagan Adele Lopez
Director of Photography: Ludovica Isidori
Editor: Max Goldblatt
Colorist: Elodie Ichter at Harbor Picture Company

Introducing: William Adeline

Paris Crew
Production Supervisor: Mael Lê-Hurand
Production Coordinator: Giovanni Vuolo
Assistant Camera: Fanny Boutonne
Camera Trainee: Vinh Tham
Gaffer: Yann-Sully Heng
Set Design: Julie Trudgett
Grip: Camille Simiens
Hair & Make-Up Artist: Vanessa Coupé
Stunt Driving: Alex Sauvaget
Casting: Anande Cross at Le Casting Parisien

Special Thanks to:
GLASS Paris, Constance Lecavelle, Agence Planipresse, Amy Redfern, Matt Wyatt, Sibling Los Angeles, Harbor Picture Company and Alexa Zarem from Parkland, FL



In Development
Three co-dependent misfit expat friends navigate their own trauma in the foreign yet familiar seedy underground of Paris years following the November 13th attacks.
Written by Nia Cason and Meagan Adele Lopez

THREE QUESTIONS: Because a Quarter Life Crisis Needs Answers

A Romantic Novel

Eight hours in Vegas. A promise to meet in Chicago. Four months apart while he traverses through the depths of Africa and she “aspires” through the haze of Hollywood. Three questions each letter.
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