More About M.A.L.

All the Impressive Details

An award-winning filmmaker and writer based in Paris, France, I’m also what someone once called an “omni-channel creative” – passionate about creating in a multitude of forms – writing, filmmaking, directing, photography, theatre, spoken word.

I am currently represented by the incredible Jessica Craig from Craig Literary.

I attended acclaimed high school Baltimore School for the Arts, then University of Southern California as a National Hispanic and Dean’s Scholar. I worked in casting for films such as Juno, the Day the Earth Stood Still and television series Numb3rs and Medium. I starred in a really bad horror movie when I was 17. I’ve written a novel, a play and several films, as well as produced and directed a music video, a short film and now a feature. (See Lady Who Productions)

One of my life’s missions is female empowerment. I was chair and founded the New York Times’ international Women’s Network, was one of the faces of Google’s #IamRemarkable Campaign and serves as Vice-Chair for Democrats Abroad in Paris as well as works on the Hispanic and Women’s Caucus.

I recently left advertising as the New York Times’ Global Digital Business Director in December 2018 to pursue filmmaking full time. See more about that life where I had my own business, lived in London and Paris doing digital advertising on LinkedIn.

Get in touch to find out more about collaborating on films, speaking, and creativity workshops.

The Real Stuff

Meagan Adele Lopez is scared every single day that she will be a failure. Then, she reminds herself that doesn’t actually mean anything. Sometimes her ego gets ahead of her, someone tells her she’s going to be a revolutionary and she believes it for a second. Then, she gets back to work, stays focused and does something new. Then, she becomes frightened again that she will lose everything and everyone will hate her.

Then, she reads Brené Brown or Elizabeth Gilbert or Glennon Doyle Melton and all is good with the world. Sometimes the medicine is meditation. And yet other times, it is just simply dancing until dawn.

Sometimes she wants to disconnect from society and the internet and live in a hut in the mountains. Other times, she wants to own five houses in Sydney, Paris, the mountains, Baltimore, and Los Angeles.

She moved 12 times by the time she was 12 through 6 different schools and four states. As an adult, she has had to navigate 7 cross-country moves back and forth between America to London, England and Paris, France where she now resides.

She is one who believes that life is short, and to box yourself into one image is to narrow your view of the world.  Don’t let them tell you otherwise.


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