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Raging Cult, The Trailer

Agoraphobe Sandra literally lives her life through social media. She’s angry at all the smiling women online – why aren’t they as angry at men, the world, everything as she is? She enlists her friend Molly to start a cult of feminine rage.

Directed, Produced and Starring Meagan Adele Lopez
With Mollie Keane
Cinematography by Jackie Teboul
Editing by Volant Neli
Art Director: Helen Cusack O’Keeffe
Sound Engineer: Raphaël Monnin
Gaffer & Interviews D.P.: Raphaël Fourgeaud

The CLARA-NOVA ELECTRIC ⚡️ Music Video is Out!

We have unleashed the ELECTRIC ⚡️ MUSIC VIDEO by CLARA-NOVA on you!

As the executive producer, I am proud to unleash the ELECTRIC ⚡️ MUSIC VIDEO by CLARA-NOVA on you! Shot and filmed in our beloved Paris, you won’t regret taking 3:39 to watch this beautiful piece of art.

I’m so proud to present a project, a crew, a singer, a song and a city I’ve fallen in love with all in one place. I executive produced it with incredibly talented people everywhere around me – including the main women at the helm. Sydney Wayser‘s vocals and tenacity inspire me. Ludovica Isidori as the boss Director of Photography found shots few could. And if our visionary director Laura Beckner hadn’t brought me on board, I just feel like my life would have been less…what’s the word? ELECTRIC.

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Directed by: Laura Beckner
Executive Producer: Meagan Adele Lopez
Director of Photography: Ludovica Isidori
Editor: Max Goldblatt
Colorist: Elodie Ichter at Harbor Picture Company

Ready to Connect – A Dark Comedy Series

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