Reinvention Land

In any given year, there are things we can control and there are things we can’t. This year, for me, there happened to be a few more things that I couldn’t control than I could which meant that the fine balance between feeling in control and feeling like my entire world - like THE entire [...]

The Walk Out

Driven by something beyond comprehension or reason, he pulls my hair and grips his fingers around my chin towards him...and says nothing. For in that nothing spews all the words that he ever said to me: Baby Slut Whore My Love Sugar Bear B*tch C*nt Sweetie Baby Shithead Stupid Sweetheart Like a very bad child. [...]

Why you must heal yourself first before taking a stand

I recently wrote a post on called "Motives in the sexism debate — personal vendetta vs. for the feminist cause" about the best time to share your story around being sexually harassed, abused, or even just around an everyday sexist experience. Specifically, I was speaking about how to move feminism forward in the most positive way with your [...]