But the heart…

(Thanks IN-Q for the writing prompt on your #WordWednesday – always an inspiration)

Letting the mind be free

It wanders into clouds.

It doesn’t stay long there

Until it finds a merry go round.

It’s grip noncommittal and loose,

It’s thrown off course

into ferocious fiery fields

where men steal rubies

from the soul.

This is the moment we think we are lost.

Mind is spinning

And soul is stolen.

If we wait one moment,

A light will pierce a crack.

Together. Intertwined.

The mind and the soul –

We reach through and take them back.

Now brighter and more rare than any earthen stone.

We’ve reclaimed them.

But the heart wonders where she is in this story.

Ah, she’s been here along.

Mind might wander. Soul might run. But heart beats on.

Bah-dum. Bah-dum.


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