About @Meagan


I work as the Global Digital Business Director for the New York Times, based in Paris.

And I moonlight as a writer.

My second novel is currently with the editor. If you’d like to read my first novel, Three Questions: Because a Quarter Life Crisis Needs Answers, you may do so by visiting this great website (be sure to watch the trailer below).

Meanwhile, I write over at www.medium.com/@meagan or every once in a while at Elite Daily, BBC America and other such publications.

I developed The Tube Series – finding love on the underground via Instagram on my commutes. It’s a nicer ride to work when you are only seeing the love that surrounds you.

finding love on the metro

I wrote my first novel called Three Questions in 2011. You can take a gander from the book trailer below, or buy it on Amazon.



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  1. I am soon to be venturing into my own experience as a transitional writer. I came upon mention of your website in the 2017 Writer’s Market. I say, transitional, because I am a screenwriter and a filmmaker. However I have just finished my second book. The first one is about 110,000 words. The most recent is about 65,000 words. Good luck to you writing your play, your documentary, and I will be on the sidelines wishing you all the best


    • Ah so nice to hear from you! I’m in the 2017 Writer’s Market? I had no idea. Thank you for letting me know. It’s an old website I see that they have on there.

      Congrats on your second book! I just finished my second book as well. Keep me updated.


      • Happy I could be the one bringing the good news — despite the old website mention, haha. Congrats on your second book as well.


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