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In her early twenties, someone once said to Lopez that she needed to pick one thing to focus on – people had to understand who she was immediately and know why and what they needed her for. Being an entrepreneur with a successful business, an actress, writer and digital expert who also liked to run and take photos of people on the metro did not bode well for this box that apparently the world needed her to be in.

She spent many years contemplating this fact, anxious that she was confusing everyone she came into contact with. She figured he must be right somehow, but the conversation haunted her over the years, puzzled her, and gave her bad dreams at night…

Until one day, she realized that she simply needed to be exactly who she was…following the path that was right for her and for her alone, and empowering other women to do exactly that.

Omni-channel creative (Writer, Director, Producer, Actor, and Photographer)

Women’s Empowerment (New York Times’ Women Network, Google’s #IamRemarkable)

Meagan Adele Lopez moved 12 times by the time she was 12 through 6 different schools and four states. As an adult, she has had to navigate 7 cross-country moves back and forth between America to London, England and Paris, France where she now resides.

She is one who believes that life is short, and to box yourself into one image is to narrow your view of the world.


  1. I am soon to be venturing into my own experience as a transitional writer. I came upon mention of your website in the 2017 Writer’s Market. I say, transitional, because I am a screenwriter and a filmmaker. However I have just finished my second book. The first one is about 110,000 words. The most recent is about 65,000 words. Good luck to you writing your play, your documentary, and I will be on the sidelines wishing you all the best


    1. Ah so nice to hear from you! I’m in the 2017 Writer’s Market? I had no idea. Thank you for letting me know. It’s an old website I see that they have on there.

      Congrats on your second book! I just finished my second book as well. Keep me updated.


      1. Happy I could be the one bringing the good news — despite the old website mention, haha. Congrats on your second book as well.


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Digital Media

Meagan Lopez oversees the global digital advertising strategy and operations for the New York Times. Based in Paris, she manages advertising ops and planning teams in London, Hong Kong and Paris.

She started the Digital Lab Series, a monthly learning series for the New York Times, where she invited speakers from startups, corporations and digital advertising agencies to speak about what they were doing in the digital advertising space. It was an informal, hour long session where people from all international sales offices — Dubai, Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore and London — congregated for a dosage of digital from the outside world.

She began her career in startups, co-founding prominent social media marketing agency, SocialKaty, in Chicago and overseeing social media marketing for the United States’ largest tech conference, TechWeek. She moved on to help start VivaKi’s social media buying arm in Chicago and then to oversee brand relations at VivaKi in London.

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The video below was a presentation from ICEEFEST in Bucharest, Romania on how the New York Times is Making Old Technology New in 2017.

Women’s Empowerment

“Every girl must decide whether to be true to herself or true to the world.”

 —Glennon Doyle Melton

If women are empowered, the world becomes a greater place, but it isn’t just about bringing our strengths, it’s about celebrating our vulnerability. 

Beyond choosing interesting female roles in acting, writing about women’s issues and becoming active in championing for women in the workplace, Lopez is passionate about helping women as a friend, mentor and advocate.

She is a mentor with the American Chamber of Commerce in France on the Women’s Committee. She started the international arm of the Women’s Network with the New York Times, and remained as the Chair for three years. She was a facilitator and face for Google’s #IamRemarkable program, that strives to empower women and underrepresented groups to speak openly about their accomplishments.


She also speaks regularly at events around the world – including ACT-W’s Chick Tech conference in Phoenix, AZ.

Reviews of Three Questions

(More Amazon Reviews on the “Three Questions” Amazon page.)

You can click on the above link which goes through to reviews that are on Amazon, but below are the ones that came out of nowhere from readers who simply enjoyed my novel. 

The barista at Starbucks just asked me if I was ok. I ordered my drink with tears rolling down my face after just finishing your book. I loved it. It was so heartfelt and honest. And real. And raw. I loved loved loved it. ~ Kirsten Hinshaw

Just wanted to say your book arrived yesterday and I couldn’t put it down. Read it cover to cover and I just finished it now … and honestly, it’s fabulous. Good for you!! I will absolutely be recommending my friends read it. I’m so excited to see how this grows and expands for you, you deserve lots of success. ~ Charlotte Bowman

Meagan- I’m not sure if you remember me…. We went to high school together. I was a dance major. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know I read your book, in less then 24 hours, and I LOVED IT!!!! I giggled/ I cried. Congrats to you in your debut novel and I look forward to your next book!!! ~ Krystin McClure Baribault

I just finished the book…and it was beautiful. Thank you. I don’t remember how or why I started following you on Twitter, or how or why I decided to become a minor funder in your Kickstarter campaign, but I’m incredibly happy I found this path. Thanks  for bringing such a warm, uplifting story into my life. ~ Matthew Smith

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that your book is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !!!! I seriously cannot put it down and every chance I get to go back to my room between meetings , I’m reading a few more pages! With your book on my lap, the 4 hr flight down here just disappeared. It makes me want to re-evaluate everything!! ~Hanna Uehre

I have to admit the novel had me both laughing and crying; I’m such a softie! Well done, it’s great and your style is brilliant and very easy to read. ~Lindsay B., Editor