My name is Meagan, or Mal or Meg or Meggers or Lopez.

I’m from Baltimore  but was born in Florida.

I once wrote a book and made this fancy book trailer below.

I once lived in Paris and learned to speak French. I can no longer speak in long philosophical rambles but I can hold a convo if you like.

I once was an actress in Hollywood, then turned to casting.

I’ve also lived in Philly, NYC, Bristol, Altoona (Iowa) for a brief snippet, Nashville, and Princeton, NJ.

I got into social media through my original blog, The Lady Who Lunches, and helped start a social media marketing agency called SocialKaty in Chicago.

Then came along VivaKi, my current company where I work in digital advertising. I specialized in social media advertising.

My work has moved me to London where I’ll be switching over to true display advertising, and this blog is about that, and maybe dribbles from previous lives aforementioned here and there.

Get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.

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