6 months into the new year’s resolutions

So since I just had an amazing experience last night that reminded me of one of my resolutions, I wanted to take a look at the rest (you can read about the one that kickstarted this blog here)…will I finish all of them? Have I given up on any? Am I ridiculous?

My actionable items for 2014 (the italicized bits are what I wrote in the New Year on this post):

1. Finish my documentary by end of 2014

Work, travels and life have taken over and my planning has taken a bit of a back seat on this. I’ve watched several documentaries in the meantime – does that count? And I’ve made lists of the characters I want in the documentary, bought a camera, researched other artists doing similar things, and assessed Kickstarter as a means to funding this project. But honestly this is one resolution that I want to do right, and if I don’t finish it by this year, I’m not worried. I will do it, and I will do it better if I take my time rather than rush. That said, I don’t want to extend it too long where my excitement for the project wears thin. Maybe this summer I will pick it back up.


2.  Travel somewhere in the world once a month

So far so good!

January – Brighton, UK

February – Paris, France

1900104_791919560835735_1403290758_n paris france

March – Porto, Portugal

porto portugal

April – Cornwall, UK


May – Berlin, Germany


June – Baltimore, MD USA

July – Lezvos, Greece

August – Burning Man, Nevada, USA


3. Lose 15 pounds in the next two months through healthy eating and running, yoga and karma, then maintain

Have no idea what I weigh, and I think I would like to amend this one to “maintaining a healthy lifestyle.” Through my healthy lifestyle I should be able to keep slim – just have to watch all those late nights and happy hours in London! But been running, cycling, did Tough Mudder, some yoga and high intensity aerobics. I’ve just signed up for a boot camp this summer as well.


4. Tough Mudder in April


VivaKi team takes on Tough Mudder and raises over 1500 GBP for cancer
VivaKi team takes on Tough Mudder and raises over 1500 GBP for cancer


5. Half Marathon in September (The Windsor Half Marathon looks nice!)

Thanks for the reminder! Time to sign up.


6. Audition for 2-3 plays by end of February

NOPE – I have not auditioned for anything, but I’d like to adjust this to taking comedy/improv classes rather than auditioning.

For number 7, click here to read about this huge one!

8. Save £1,000/month starting in February

Errrr, the traveling has made this more difficult…BUT, big news to come…all will be well!


9. Get 8 hours of sleep per night! (on average)

Perhaps, on average – sure, why not??


10. Call one of my closest family/friends once a week (can be a different one each week)

YES – been catching up with new friends and old friends and family members. Grandmom Kisner, I’m calling you soon – Amy B, Pascale, Cortney, Courtney, Kathleen, Tracy, Beth, Rachel, Kaitlin – it’s been too long, can we please catch up soon!?

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? If so, how’s it going?

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