What a wonderful life

My life has been an amazing one (even if there are times I can’t believe that’s true), and this past month has proven just that. These past two days alone:

Portugal – spent this past weekend there. Left on Friday night and got back Sunday night. 150 GBP for flight, accommodations, food, taxis, wine. Hot sun, relaxing, and blue tiles everywhere – what more could a gal ask for?

Met with my friend Cedric and 5 of his friends whom I met in a chat room when I was 15 on AOL. We are still friends to this day, and keep in touch on a regular basis – have seen each other in NY, LA, Baltimore, Lyon, Paris, and now Porto. I love him to death, and 17 years later I still consider him one of my best friends.

Flew back into London on Sunday flying on the “worst” airline called RyanAir – however, proof again that people make the airline/experience. A father, worn out, falling asleep on the plane with his year and a half year old son. Four stewardesses came over at separate times to rock the baby to sleep. It truly takes a village.

Got into London, and started crying – no idea why. It was a full moon – that is the reason, I reckon. Emotions sometimes surprise me and can come out of nowhere. I had just had an amazing weekend with couples who shocked me how stable and lovely they are together.

Walked home from work today – 2 miles. Popped into several pubs on the way home by myself. It’s St Patrick’s Day, after all. The first pub: instantly a waiter asked where I was from when he heard my accent. He was also American. He gave me a 15% off discount card to come back whenever I please.

Second pub, two old ladies watched my bags as I went to the bathroom. Not unusual, but these two ladies had spunk. They were 80 years old, and made me laugh more than I had laughed in a long time.

Checked my email in the pub – my three articles I submitted for BBC America were approved! Including one that when I posted the question on Facebook about feminism that received 117 comments in just a few hours. It should be an exciting post!

Second email 10 minutes later – I left a locket at a person’s house I had met once in 2007 in Los Angeles. Somehow he was doing some spring cleaning and found my card. He emailed me to say that he had found my locket and wanted to mail it to me. He remembered it had sentimental value and inside was a dime. My mother loves dimes, and I do remember that locket. Love that he remembered me.

This past month has been full of surprises – I found myself at a wedding in Dublin to two people who met at a house party I threw in 2011 in Chicago last weekend. I’d love to take credit for their love, but I have a feeling they would have met without me regardless. They are that good together. He said to her that night he was going to marry her, and so they did.

I moved into an apartment in Primrose Hill exactly one month ago today with a lady who I already know will be a friend for life – a lovely American lady from Los Angeles who hung out talking with me until nearly 1am last night about life. I had never known her before a month ago.

I was in Paris three weeks ago visiting Cedric (see above) and his partner before they become fathers to a beautiful baby girl. That weekend, I popped into the pub in Paris I worked in when I lived there nearly 10 years ago, and my old boss just happened to be there for the first time in two weeks. He stopped in to grab a glass of wine before he went to see his mother. He shouldn’t have been there. I hadn’t seen him in 7 years. He just so happens to be in London this week as well – we are going to dinner with another good friend of mine that I met in Paris 10 years ago, James, on Thursday.

Went to my first horse race in London last week, and won some money! Actually I won every race I betted on – unfortunately I only bet 5 pounds per race, but still!

Just when you think things might not be going your way, shit changes and it’s amazing.

This past month has proved that to me – once again. Life is simply wonderful …

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  1. Hi Meg,

    What a beautiful tribute to yourself! I often reflect back on your 31 years here on this earth plane and am astounded at the opportunities and life events that have taken place for you in such a short period of time! For you to be able to be appreciative of those times, events and moments is truly a gift to yourself. And you have made them happen by your tenaciousness, courage, determination, foresight and sometimes downright stubbornness!! Be happy as you said you were above and keep on doing what you’re doing!!!

    Love you!!

    Also, on a more earthly note, go to your folder in Dropbox. I took pics of 3 checks that I deposited for you as well as another notice from your apt bldg in Chicago looking for more money.

    I am excited that you are coming home in June!! Looks like I might have myself a job!!!



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