Guest Blog Roundup – Weddings, Characterization and Speaking

Wedding Celebrations: Who Does it Better, Brits or Americans?

Based off my original post on Smitten by Britain, I re-explore my stint as a professional wedding goer on both sides of the pond in Expat Blog’s “Displaced Nation”. They asked me to tell what I wanted my future wedding to look like…I didn’t want to reveal:

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that with all of these weddings I didn’t think about how I would like my half British, half American wedding to go…but I simply can’t admit to what I dream of just yet. Call it superstition or what have you, but until I get engaged I won’t disclose my dream wedding. My worst nightmare is having my dream wedding down on paper, and then it never happening!

In the meantime, I’ll continue to break down the weddings I go to and figure out which bits I want to keep for myself.
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Writing: C is for Characterization

Over at the blog The Masquerade Crew, they had a month challenge where writers wrote in to give tips from A to Z. I took C – as characters and characterization is one of my favorite things to discuss. (The ex-actress in me comes out!). Below is an excerpt, click the title if you want to read more!

Whether you’re studying classic acting techniques by Meisner, Stanislovsky, Adler or Commedia Dell’Arte, you will be observing human interaction, movement and habits.

You don’t need to know the specifics of each of these teachings to understand that in order to realistically and believably act as another person, you must first have a basic understanding of how humans engage. Human engagement can be anything:

  • the way a person holds his/her coffee cup
  • a body posture shift that happens when he/she is getting hit on
  • tension that arises when there is danger around
  • the way two people shake hands
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“Technology and Media: Quick Tips on Working Harder, Not Smarter”

Now, this is pretty cool. I’ve been asked to speak at a networking event put on by eWomen Network here in Chicago. The title right now doesn’t exactly say what I’ll be speaking about – yes, it will be social media, but it’ll also be using 20 years of acting techniques (similar to my post above) to educate how people interact on social media.

If you are in Chicago, and want to attend, please sign up at the eWomen Network website.

speaking engagement ewomen network

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