Three Questions with Brittany Laughlin: Traveler, Entrepreneur & Trailblazer

As some of you may know, I wrote a little book called “Three Questions” that is based off a couple getting to know each other through, well, three questions! I’m now doing an interview series based off this concept, but for AWESOME women from all walks of life.

This week, we have Brittany Laughlin who describes herself as someone who wants to do everything. This makes sense since she is one of the most successful female entrepreneurs that Chicago has (although now, sadly, she’s leaving us for New York to work an undisclosed project). She was recently named one of the world’s top ten trailblazing women travelers (right next to Angelina Jolie and Amelia freaking Earhart by

Brittany Laughlin, traveler

She’s been to all 7 continents, 36 countries and hops on a plane nearly every other week, according to Business Insider.  Previously, she co-founded gtrot - a local discovery tool. And, she launched new products at American Express OPEN.

So, yeah, I’m excited to have her answer these three questions.

1. What is the craziest mode of transportation you’ve ever taken, and where were you?

Brittany: I rode a mountain bike with broken breaks, down a mountain in Bariloche. It wasn’t until half-way down until I realized the breaks were broken. Talk about a surprise thrill ride.

2. What is the greatest thing you’ve learned being an entrepreneur?

Brittany: Anything is possible. I’ve gotten to meet people with huge crazy ideas and they’ve taught me that if you have an idea, it’s worth trying. If it fails, you’ll still learn something. It all starts with taking that first step.

3. What question have you always wanted to be asked, and never been? (Seems like a cop-out question, but it’s not. I think this question tells a lot about someone)

Brittany: (Oh, this is a good one, but tricky!) If you could go back in time and change your major in school, what would you study? Mathematics — I loved Calc and Calc-based Physics. I’m curious how much more I could’ve learned. Might be something to check out down the road…

So excited to have had Brittany on here. What question do YOU wish someone asked you, but never has?

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