Professional Review for "Three Questions"

You set about writing one thing for one audience, and you end up hitting another demographic that you didn’t know would even be interested in what you had to say. Male readers are starting to read my book!

I’m so grateful to have readers who appreciate it – male or female.

Jon-david, local Chicago celeb, hairdresser and fellow author of a series called The Mafia Hairdresser, says it best in his recent AWESOME review of my book at The Local Tourist blog:

I hate Chick-Lit. I’m a dude. I may be gay and a hairdresser, but I’m a guy so I think like a guy: I do not want to over analyze broken relationships nor talk about my feelings let alone read about them.

However, he went on to say:

Meagan Adele Lopez has woven what seems to be two storylines, a philosophy to ask questions of oneself and others for personal growth, and page turning prose into a delightfully relatable story that both women and men of all ages can enjoy. Her writing style seems as straightforward and transparent as the main character seems to be but when you get near the end of the book you irrefutably understand that you never saw what was coming because you thought you knew where you were going.

I’m so touched that my first professional review is a GLIMMERING one! I couldn’t have asked for more praise in this review.

A little bit more of the review to whet your appetite, (and if you want to read the full review, please go to this link “Book Review: Three Questions”):

And my hats off to Meagan Adele Lopez for coercing me to feel like I caught a glimmer of what it was like to actually reason like a woman; as well as be able to show how a man thinks. I related to the men characters and that is why I know men will love Three Question too but damn it if this book won’t get you thinking or relating about how you (dis?)function in your own relationships and career goals.

Thank you so much, Jon-david! I’m so appreciative that you not only took the time to read my novel, but write about it.

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