Three Questions with Kara Lipson, Casting Associate Extraordinaire

I introduce to you the very first “Three Questions” interview (based off the premise of the novel, Three Questions). (See here for an explanation as to why I am conducting these interviews).

I was lucky enough to work with Kara Lipson on and off for a couple of years when I lived in Los Angeles. She is one of the most hard working women in show business that I know. See below for her brief bio:

Kara Lipson is a Casting Associate working in Los Angeles for 13 years, first in television on ‘Ally McBeal’, ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ and ‘Two and a Half Men’ and in the last eight years in feature film.  Feature credits include ‘Drive’, ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ and ‘Juno’.

1. What was your favorite food when you were a child?
Kara: My favorite food varied between cream of mushroom soup and steak, though Jello 1-2-3 was definitely a favorite while it was available in the 80s.  My dad owned a deli when I was a kid so lox, Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda and matzo ball soup were also at the top of my list.
2. Who is a woman (real or fiction) that you admire most, and why?
Kara: The answer to this question probably changes daily, but I’ll go with Lisbeth Salander (from the Dragon Tattoo books or Swedish movies, not the American version).  She is one tough woman, physically – she’s at the top of her game professionally (if hacking and defrauding banks can be considered a profession) and she does not apologize for who she is.  She’s far from a role model but I admire her guts and strength and smarts and quick-witted sense of humor.
3. What is the memory that you look back on that always makes you smile?
Kara: Another good one.  This is a recent memory, something that happened only last week, but I have a feeling it will be making me smile for years to come.  I exceeded my own expectations for myself by taking part in a CrossFit competition and doing a workout alongside an elite athlete.  Just she and I doing as many burpees (it’s like a push-up where you jump up and hit a target after the push-up) for 7 minutes straight.  I thought I’d get around 85, but I got 113.  She got 135, which ranks her in the top 10 nationally. After we finished, we were on the floor gasping for breath together and laughing and it just felt amazing to have been even CLOSE to keeping up with her.  Someone snapped this photo of the moment and I feel it will be my “go-to” for whenever I need a smile.
(Meagan here: I absolutely ADORE this photo, and if we could only have more moments in life like this – where you can’t help but fall over laughing. Brilliant. Thanks Kara!)
The Three Questions interview series is based off the novel by yours truly, click the image to purchase: Novel Love Story by Meagan Adele Lopez
Next up: Toni Hargis, a brilliantly opinionated & very British expat mum, writer living in Chicago.

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