Giveaway on Displaced Nation

Displaced Nation’s next giveaway and interview…. - See below for details on this exciting giveaway!!!

…is “Three Questions” by Meagan Adele Lopez. At the author’s request, however, this draw will work differently from our past draws. Read on to find out how to enter!

Former expat Meagan Adele Lopez has turned her experience of romance abroad into a novel: Three questions: Because a quarter-life crisis needs answers .  What’s more, she is now trying to turn that novel into a movie! The book trailer speaks to its potential in that direction:

Click here to watch the book trailer

Tony James Slater will post an exclusive interview with Meagan (aka MAL and The Lady Lunches) about how all of this is going.

And we’ll also be doing TWO GIVEAWAYS of her book on the following terms (at Meagan’s express request):

1) a free ebook for the first 15 tweets “I want a free copy of @theladylunches’ new romance from afar novel, #ThreeQuestions via @displacednation”
2) a free copy of the paperback to a best comment in the comments section after Tony’s interview on Thursday.

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