A New Year's Resolution – quite literally

I was very excited for New Year’s eve this year. Last year, we spent it with Jock’s brother and girlfriend and had an amazing time. See examples below:

So, this year was MY sister’s turn! For Amanda, it had been her first time out on New Year’s for nearly 5 years – being a single mom, and then pregnant last year will do that to you. We also had a fabulous time. See examples below:

During all of this merriment, however, my purse was stolen. Those f&*%ing bastards!!!

Despite the club being a private club where Guillermo (my sister’s fiancé) knew 60% of the people inside, and despite the fact that we had a private table, someone yanked my purse from underneath my coat, and ran off with it. It gets worse – not only was my wallet, new Windows Phone and makeup in there, but Jock’s $200 Hugo Boss wallet with all of his cash and credit cards was in there as well. He never gives me his wallet to put in my purse when we go out out – so this stank even more.

We searched the club up and down for about an hour before we gave up, and decided it was a lost cause. I tried to rationalize – perhaps someone took the purse by accident, thinking it was their own. There was only one problem with that thought – my purse was BRIGHT orange. Jock’s brother had bought it for me for Christmas from Top Shop in London, and I highly doubt there was another purse in that club even remotely similar to it.

So, at 2AM, we went home, and suffice it to say – all that fun we had earlier in the night was sucked out by the fact that neither Jock nor I had a wallet, any money or any credit cards. You start thinking about the little things that you lost in that wallet when you’ve been violated like that – such as the lucky $2 bill that my best friend Courtney gave to Jock, or my USC student ID that never expires, and allows me to get discounts all over Europe, or the one pound coin that we found in our backyard in Bristol that dates back to 1882. The credit cards and ID’s can be replaced, but that kind of stuff can’t.

We called the cops, and I met with them the next day in Baltimore City. At first, they acted as if I were the suspect – asking me questions like, “Well, why didn’t you call us as soon as it happened?” Quenching the urge to cry and yell, “I didn’t steal my own purse, damn it!!”, I simply told them that Guillermo knew the owners of the club, and we decided to wait until the next day to see if it turned up because we didn’t want to waste the police officer’s time.

They liked that answer. We filed the report, they left for ten minutes to “search” for my purse, and came back with no answer.

THANK GOD Jock and I had just been abroad and had our passports in our suitcases, or else there is no way we would have been able to get on that plane the next day back to Chicago. And, as much fun as we’ve had over the last months, we were really ready to get back.

We got back home to Chicago, slightly depressed and really annoyed at what happened. I kept going over and over in my mind how it could have happened – there was always someone by the table, and my sister’s purse was right next to mine, but they didn’t take hers. Then, I decided I would be grateful for what I did still have, and tried to make myself feel better by realizing that it was just a material object.

I kept checking our credit cards, and nothing had been charged. Jock urged me to cancel the cards, but I just had a feeling something might happen. I decided to just carefully monitor them.

Two days later, at 10:15am, I see a call coming in from a number I don’t recognize in Baltimore. My stomach lurches, and I have this feeling…..

MY FEELING IS RIGHT!!! A kind woman and manager of the Professional Arts Building three blocks away from the club (named Charmaine) has found my purse. I should say that the janitor found my purse in the trash chute, and handed it in to her. My business cards were in the purse, and she called me.

I couldn’t believe it!!! She said everything seemed to be in tact, and my ID and credit cards were all in there, as well as Jock’s credit cards. There was even cash in an envelope that my Grandmother had given to Jock as a Christmas present. When we received it two days later (thanks to my incredible sister and mom for picking it up), we saw that everything had been shuffled around, and actually, there was no cash nor any sign of  Windows Phone.

So, clearly, someone had stolen the purse after all. I just can’t believe the janitor found it in the trash! The likelihood of it being buried under something, and never being found is quite high. I feel so lucky. You can laugh all you want, but I truly believe I have a guardian angel watching over me.

My thoughts before the purse being sent back: 2012 is going to be a really shit year.

My thoughts after receiving purse in the mail: 2012 is going to be the best freaking year of all time – I’ll get a book deal, a movie deal, and SocialKaty will become the best social media marketing company in the country! I’ll get engaged, grow my hair really long, and get in kick-ass shape. Hell yeah – bring on 2012!!!

Clearly, I was very excited. I know it seems crazy, but this has made me truly remember how good people can be (and how bad), but mostly how good they are. What a whirlwind of a week.

What are your goals for 2012? And do you have any crazy stories from the holidays??

10 thoughts on “A New Year's Resolution – quite literally

  1. Wow! Amazing story. It still sucks that it happened and that the phone and the cash were missing, after all  :(. I hope you had your phone locked so someone doesn’t have all your contacts and phone #s. One thing I’m confused about. The lady from the Arts Building said all the cash was there, but then when your sister picked up the purse, the cash was gone? Anyhow I, too, think it’s a sign! 2012 will be a SUPER year for you ! I can feel it :)

    • It does suck, but on the up side – the phone was free (I won it off Klout.com) and we only had about $20 of other cash. I think the manager got confused because she saw the envelope with cash in it, so assumed that was the only cash that was in there. I guess the thief didn’t bother checking everywhere. AND for you Hanna!! xo

  2. Glad you got your purse back, but just an FYI: you can get on a plane without ID. My brother-in-law learned that the hard way earlier this year when he lost his wallet the night before our flight. He just had to fill out a form and go through a quick special TSA screening. Longer than a typical screening but oddly quick and painless.

    • Oh really?? I had no idea!! How did he find that out? Did he just go to the airport and try anyway? The strange thing is that the cops who we talked to didn’t know about that loophole either because they warned us that we wouldn’t be able to fly. Thanks for the head’s up!

  3. Baltimore City… ‘Nuff said, Meagan.  Didn’t you ever watch, The Wire???  :-)  j/k Happens everywhere, all the time.  And you’re right, 2012 is your year.  Your post is all you need as proof.  

    • True – and we all know Baltimore is like the wire…no, really. The cops we spoke to said that they had already had over 2,000 calls since midnight on New Year’s Eve, and this was noon on New Year’s Day. Ridiculous.

  4. Thank god for honest people. I have a great story which i will try to keep short. Found a camera under the seat of a rent car in Mexico. We decided to bring it back to the States as we thought it would have more chance of being returned to the owner. Phoned Hertz and spoke to about three different Americans but it wasn’t their camera.
    The Queenager, (then about 13 and a budding photographer) asked if she could have the camera. I said she could use it until we found the owner. We bought a cord and hooked it up to our computer, to find scores of photos of, presumably the owners. They were at some farming thing in Michigan. I looked up the name of the organization and e-mailed the secretary with one of the photos. It was her friend and neighbor who had indeed lost the camera. Hurray! I packed the camera off to them, finally glad to be able to do my good turn.
    What I didn’t realise was that the Q had video’d a guided tour of her bedroom, which they thought was very sweet. Next week – $50 in the mail for her as a reward! We used it toward her very own camera. 
    Talk about Karma.
    Oh, and I’m still in touch with the owner on FB!

    • That is INCREDIBLE!! I can’t believe a camera that you found in Mexico ended up in Michigan. That is freaking CRAZY!! I had a story when I was 8 and lost my purse (I know, but it seemed like the end of the world at the time – plus, I was a saver at the time and had about $50 in cash). Some woman found it in Tennessee – we were living there at the time. The only identifying factor was a library card from Baltimore. She called the library which then tracked to our old house in Baltimore that my Aunt happened to have bought from us. My Aunt called us and we picked it up! 

      I love these stories!!!

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