Three Questions: A Kickstarter project

I’m about to delve into the world of funding for my novel. I came across the website when I was writing for midVentures last year, and interviewed the founder of Chicago-based MINIMAL about his creation of an incredible watch that is made from the iPod Nano. He was the closest ever to almost reach $1million in funding.

The website makes it possible for artists in any category (from design to writing to photography and dance) to make their artistic visions come to life through the help of donors. The success of the Kickstarter campaigns, I believe, come from the rewards that are given to the donors. You can create any type of reward.

For example:

$3 – $9 – Contributors will receive recognition as a Sponsor on the Sponsor page on my website

OR, if you’re more generous, you would receive the following:

$99 – $199 - Contributors will receive recognition as a Sponsor on the Sponsor page on my website with their photo & links to their blog and a signed copy of “Three Questions” in paperback with a handwritten thank you card by moi.

There is also one for slightly higher where I will wear a t-shirt of your face for one week straight, and post it on my blog.

And so on.

Contributors feel like they are a part of the creation of something, and are truly able to get a project off its feet. The Los Angeles Times reported on “recently wed alternative power couple Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer” who are both “figuring out how to survive as creatives in industries rocked by digital change. That’s why they turned to Kickstarter.” In a recent article by Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital, they said “In the Elizabethan era, artists were supported by wealthy patrons; we’re headed back toward that world.” Not that you have to be a wealthy patron to support this kind of thing…but it is fascinating to think that I might have the possibility to truly take my project where I want to take it.

So, if I already published the novel, why do I need more money? Essentially, I was motivated by the phrase “If you write it, they will come” everyday of the two years that I sat down to write my novel. That’s a great phrase to get you up and writing, however, it doesn’t exactly help to sell more books.

I intend to use the money to create a trailer for the novel, to set up a book launch, for marketing materials, a small book tour, and perhaps, for a new cover design. Not only is my goal to sell more books, but I also started a screenplay based on the novel that I would love to finish.

I’m still working out the kinks of it all, and how I’ll do it.

But, I thought I’d ask you guys first, what kind of rewards would you like to see in there? Think big, think small, think in circles – I don’t mind! I want you guys to be a part of this as well!

P.S. My recent press on the Towson Patch is here!

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