The Hurricane Irene Party

The wrath of Hurricane Irene could not ruin my best friend, Jessica’s 30th birthday party in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Try it did – we survived.

Over 24 hours with no electricity, no phone cell service and no way off the mountain (the bridge got destroyed) – Villa Vosilla proved a worthy adversary to Hurricane Irene. Had the blues festival not been playing in Woodstock next door to Tannersville, I don’t think we would have had nearly as good of a time – those blues guys should know how to jam (and we made a pretty good fake band, I must admit).

Without further ado – the trailers to two upcoming films starring Jessica Asch, Amanda Fink, Jamie Klassel and Meagan Adele Lopez, with Hurricane Irene as a co-star:

Come on, Irene

Villa Vosilla

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