The weather is still cold. But I have a new perspective since my last entry – I think it’s the buds that are newly, well, budding on the trees. Last week that wasn’t the case.

Flooding in Ireland 2010


And maybe it was seeing my girl Angel from high school on Monday. She’s shooting a pilot for a new MTV show, as a recurring role – and producing and finishing a script she has been working on for a couple of years.

And maybe it’s this guy from college who I know named Nathan who is crashing on our couch tomorrow night. He left his job and is now traveling the country by bus or by coach, by hook or by crook, by couch and I’ll vouch – because he wants to.

And maybe it’s the fact that my coworker is now back in the office after a month of being absent, keeping a strong face and a smile in her eyes, diving headfirst into her work – despite the fact that her mom just passed away a few weeks ago.

And maybe it’s my grandmother who is forced out of her condo because of the housing crisis, and at 79 years old, she is shrugging and says that she’s gotten over worse things than this in her life. She’ll pack up and go if she has to.

Or my other grandmother who is wheelchair bound for the rest of her life, but is learning how to use Skype, write newsletters for her community and is battling against her body’s desire to lean to the right.

Maybe it’s my boyfriend who may never be able to play soccer again or run another marathon – his two passions in life – because of an injury last fall, but who exercises and does physiotherapy everyday in order to make it stronger, and has never once complained…because he will run again despite what the doctor’s may say.

Or my Godfather who battled cancer and won.

My father who was unemployed for two years, but somehow survived going from extreme highs to extreme lows, and now has landed an incredible job.

My mother who was unemployed for two years, but somehow survived, landed a job and is fighting everyday to make herself better, and who picked up drumming in middle age.

You get it.  We all have stories like this.

And it is the people around me who inspire me, remind me to shut the hell up and stop complaining about the weather because – damn – I am one lucky gal. And they are all fulfilling their life goals…and that’s incredible.

I am awake in May…despite the 40 degree temperature outside, and realize that maybe I could be inspiring too…if I remember to be.

P.S. remember that little series I did called “Interview with Fam” Series? Well, one of my readers (and now a friend), did one of her own! Claire Morris is “Ooh La La English Demoiselle” and here is her interview with her uncle. Thank you so much Claire for taking my proposal seriously.

My favorite part of the interview:

2. What is your most fondest memory?
My father is still alive but suffers from vascular senile dementia. At 92 years old he lives in the dementia wing of a residential home. My fondest memory is from taking him on his last visit to his home town in Germany a few years ago and having him show me the house where he was born.

6 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Do you know what? I look at you and what you're doing and what you have done and I'm envious, not in a “I hate you” way, but in a good way, that keeps me motivated. You live in a great city, you're ALWAYS travelling, you've landed a great job, have lots of friends and a great social life. You seem very healthy, dispute the little hiccup, and you are a beautiful and talented girl. It doesn't get much better than that!

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