Separating Personal from Professional

(This post is not an example of separating the two, unfortunately – rather an explanation of how I will in the future).

Like I said in my previous post. There will be many changes with my blog and website. I’m looking to make it more of a professional melange of my writing, social media and projects that I am working on.

HOWEVER, I have decided that I will continue the Lady Who Lunches section – I want to keep it light, personal and fun. My plan is to only post personal, travel and expat living news on this blog and leave the professional stuff for another RSS feed. (In case you are unclear what that means, don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything.)

It’s about time I separated my personal from my professional anyway. So, I will have them all under the same umbrella, but there will be separate links for each, keeping the personal link as the Lady Who Lunches. (All with a little help from some family.)

It will all become clear quite soon.

My New Year’s Resolutions? In no particular order:

  • Make new friends in Chicago (and touch base with old ones)
  • Start book club in Chicago
  • Sell my book
  • Edit my screenplay
  • Finish decorating apartment
  • Tighten ass
  • Wear red lipstick even more often
  • Make sure my family and friends know how much I love them
  • Launch MeagLo 2.0


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  1. Excited to see where the site goes! And congrats to Jock for the job.Also, those shoes are amazing. Thanks for making me lust after impossibly expensive heels… ;)


  2. Love this post, this is great news all round. Keep writing. I love reading your stuff. xx


  3. Now those are a kick-ass pair of heels ;o) Really looking forward to all the new blogs and more writing and I want to see that new book hit #1 on Amazon !!! Bestest of luck with all the New Year's Resolutions. You are so ambitious. Go Meagan!!!!


  4. Wow those Louboutins are amazing! They make me think of New Year's Eve. I too wish that people would give me a pair when I feel I've deserved it!


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