Moving Day

This phrase has come up a lot in my life. First of all, it was aptly the title of the final play I performed two years ago in LA right before my departure to England. My Dad brought it up this week when showing me his framed picture of the postcards.

I’m actually physically moving today – which is another clear point. Although it’s just down the street, the place is bigger, badder and cleaner. Oh, and it’s got amenities like a pool, a sundeck, a balcony, a library and a business center where you get free coffee in the mornings. Incredible. And it’s a far cry from the furnished studio we’re in now that smells of smoke and poo.

I went back to my high school over Thanksgiving break to introduce myself to the two heads of the Alumni committee. Because Baltimore School for the Arts is such a small school, this is the first year in its 30 years that we officially have an alumni committee. I felt very honored to be nominated to be a part of it and after attending the conference call a few weeks back, I am on the Nominating Committee as well.

Whenever anyone mentions their high school, I tend to squirm. It just feels tacky for someone to speak fondly about their days in high school because, I don’t know, it’s cliche and during such young years. Except of course, for mine. BSA is and continues to be a hallowed ground for students who go there – it inspires, it accepts students completely based on their artistic talents, without looking at their academic scores and yet boasts a 99% college attendance rate. It’s in Baltimore City – one of the worst school systems in the country, and yet we are the only one without a metal detector because well, everyone just gets along. Theater changed my life. I love to refer to those years as like my teenage therapy. Those 18 people that were in my ensemble are still my family – we go to each others weddings, send presents for births of children and touch base every Christmas. I love them.

The day I left BSA was the day my eyes opened to the real world – all of the racism, hatred and negativity. It was also when I went to college at USC. It took me many years to be able to get back that innocence and trust and love for humanity that I felt everyday while going to BSA.

Moving Day 3,000 miles away from home was a big one in 2000 heading to college. It taught me that I’m not as big and bad as I thought I was. Now? Yeah, obviously. Then? At 18? – not so much.

Moving Days are vital in my life. They trigger change, growth and most importantly, opportunities to see myself in a new life (and light, that was actually a Freudian slip with “life” but I’ll go with it). Of course, I recognize you can’t go on living your life moving all the time to experience those things or else you lose trust in other places. For now, after today, I’m focusing on having Moving Days in my life without physically having to move. That’s the real trick, I feel – keeping that momentum that moving brings you to your everyday life. Seeing things in a new light when you’ve walked down that same street, that same hallway, brewed that same mug of coffee and eaten that same bowl of oatmeal every morning is something to strive for.

There are so many exciting things happening – INTERVIEWS – an interview with Helena Bonham Carter will be published next week, Dee Wallace (the mom from ET) and also my interviews with various CEOs and Founders at the tops of their fields in the world of technology and Chicago startups. You can read some of my articles on that here at midVentures.

I just got interviewed for the leading business newspaper in Chicago – Crain’s Chicago Business about my supposed expertise in Social Media as the Social Media Director for midVentures. I’m starting to believe that I might just know a thing or two about this field.

I’m now with alumni committees for both USC and BSA.

And that’s all – tired of talking about myself now.

Anyway, it’s snowing hard in Chicago. The ground is covered – a perfect introduction to our new home.

Here’s to moving days.

3 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Here's to moving days indeed! I, too, love the adventure and endless potential of starting over. Plus anyplace that smells of smoke and poo can't be good for you. XO!!

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