Capturing a Rare Moment

Jock and I walked to watch the runners finish the Chicago Marathon today.

At mile 26, all of a sudden, we looked over and there was a man in a yellow shirt running after a woman. She turned to him less than a 100 yards from the finish line. He got down on one knee and proposed. She screamed, the crowd screamed and the man leapt in the air. A marriage proposal at the end of a hot and sweaty race.

I got that shot.

Later, when Jock and I were walking back home, we randomly bumped into them and found them with their family. I stopped the fiancees to show them the photo and congratulate them. They were so grateful to have the moment captured (even though a film crew wasn’t too far away), but they asked to take our photo with them. A bit awkwardly, of course we agreed.

I can’t say it’s everyday that I cry joyously watching a marathon finish.

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