Travel and A Book

Just finished writing fairly long post from jock’s iPhone, which probably wasn’t that long but considering the tapping on one finger – it was long enough.
I left my laptop at home to be more “in the moment” during our road trip. So far it’s worked fairly well besides downloading the twitter app and borrowing his iPhone for that. Anyway, while jock is out running a disgusting distance in the searing heat at way too fast a pace, I’m being in the moment with my blog (dirty word, according to Grampy).

To summarize, 2500 miles in less than 7 days in our 1997 gold Toyota Camry. Traveled from North Carolina log cabin in the mountains with grandparents to dinner with third cousins, (or is it first cousins twice removed?) in Chesapeake, VA, beaching it with my best friend, her boyfriend and incredible family in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Now in hotel after 14 hour drive through MD, PA, IN, IL. Wedding tomorrow of the beautiful Katie and Jim! Really looking forward to it!

Reading the book, “The Help” because my mom handed it to me on my way out the door. And it’s good. Too good. I realized when I finished my workout today and endorphins were replaced by tears at the end that it was because I was in Mississippi in 1965 and my white boss just told me I could no longer pee in her bathroom, but had to go outside and the boy who cuts my lawn got beat up so badly by his white boss that he went blind.
Intense reading. Makes me want to write something that will transport people.
Now off to pick up two friends from O’Hare.

8 thoughts on “Travel and A Book

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  2. I absolutely loved The Help. Made me realise that I know so little about that part of history, but i'm happy that we've come so far in such a short time that those stories were unfathomable to my 2010 self…had to keep reminding myself that it was only the 1960s and not Victorian times or something.

    • It is strange. Racism and prejudice makes me so sad and I think what really gets me is that there are peole who are still relatively young and can remember that time period.

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  3. I have never heard of “The Help” but it sounds really interesting… I'm going to add it to my Good Reads list… My degree is in African American Studies (though I'm white, I know, I know) so this aspect of our country's history definitely interests me (and shatters my native complacency).Thanks for bringing it up!

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