We're Moving!

Tis the end of the lady who lunches era/reign/bubble…she will soon be a lady who busts her ass at a wonderful job in writing that she adores in Chicago (that’s the idea, at least). In six weeks, we will be on our flight back to Baltimore!

We’re ready to try America out for a while. It’s been a year and a half in lovely England, and it just feels like the right time to move. We’ve gone back and forth on this decision for many months, hence my lack of discussion on here.

I am ecstatic!

Jock will be doing his same job in the states, and I will have to find something new. Don’t particularly fancy going back to casting (although for the right job, maybe), and now that I’ve started my career in writing, I’d like to continue – magazine or newspaper would be ideal.

If I can get a book deal in the next couple of months, obviously that would help majorly. As you know from my previous post, I am working hard at getting that done. Any contacts or advice from the Chicagoans would be greatly appreciated!

Meanwhile, the first couple of months in America will simply be relaxing and traveling. Jock and I have managed to save up a good deal of money so we don’t have to worry about finding work right away.

We’re thinking – uncle’s house in Las Vegas, grandpa’s cabin in North Carolina, best friend’s apartment in NYC, perhaps the beach in Ocean City, MD, a friend’s wedding in Chicago and maybe grandparent’s house in Miami, oh and of course Baltimore for a couple of weeks!

So, although our flight home is in just six weeks, we won’t actually be living in Chicago until September. (Chicago is the place where Jock and I fell in love nearly two years ago. We considered moving back to LA, but I kind of feel like I’ve been there, done that. Plus, he has a lot of friends in Chicago, and it’s right in between my hometown of Baltimore and my college town of Los Angeles.)

Never thought I would say that about moving back to the states, but I can’t wait to have my family and friends around me, grab a big gulp at 7Eleven, dry my clothes in a machine and wrap myself in a freshly dried, soft, warm towel, sunbathe in the SUN on a sandy beach, and eat a butterfinger, buy cheap intercontinental flights to Miami, LA, NYC, Baltimore, etc., and to talk to strangers in the street.

Things I am not looking forward to: American television, every girl and their mother asking my boyfriend where he’s from (and then batting their eyelashes and swooning – I will knock them out with a bat if I have to! *random aggressive feeling*), portion sizes, American radio (except your show Tyler, I will tune in for country just for you), country music, that feeling I always get in America that I’m not doing enough and can always do better, talking to strangers in the street.

P.S. Watch out Chicago ladies, because I will be starting another ladies group when I get there. Need my women around me! But of course, I will miss the original Ladies Who…!

20 thoughts on “We're Moving!

  1. Picture me crying into my green tea. I know we've never even met face to face but now that won't happen until we're both up for Oscars for best screen play. That might be sooner than we expect though ;)

    Best of luck with the move, keep in touch!!!!! Will you keep the blog going?

    Have a wonderful adventure. x

    • Well, maybe you can come meet Melissa and I (and hopefully Kat) and whomever else wants to…in London before I leave? I really would like to meet you in person, and you've been such a great support system since I've been here.
      I will definitely keep my blog going – re-patriating the US should be such an experience. I'll let you know!
      Thanks Michell Louise! ;)

      • Good thought Meagan. You know you have already been invited and we have set a time of 11 a.m. on Thursday July 1st. We are meeting at the Cafe in the Crypt in Trafalgar Square. Would really love to meet you. But if you can't make it maybe we can meet when you're in Baltimore?

        I don't know whether to cry or not. I will miss reading your English adventures and I wish there were some time of immigration program where I could swap my place for yours. A warm body for a warm body program. lol! We are trying every way we can to figure out how to immigrate and nothing is coming thru despite being a British mum. Now just relying on the Law of Attraction to open a window of opportunity for me. Nothing worth having is easy is it?

        On the other hand I am very excited for you because I love change. It presents an opportunity for you to re-invent yourself if you like or if at the very least fine tune it. It is inspiring. I have a cousin in Chicago. What do you like about it? I'm interested because Rich and I are ready to make a life change and we are looking for a city to move to. Ian will be graduating so now we are free to make a move. We love city life and a lot of culture of we are researching cities. The only down side to Chicago that I can see for the mo is the long harsh winters.
        So I'm anxious to hear what you think.

        Email me and let me know if you think you'll be able to meet. I'll be there for three or four hours so if you can't arrive until later, that's okay.



      • Melissa,
        I would love to make it on that Thursday. I have it in my diary, and plan to be there! I would also love to meet up in Baltimore if we can. So excited for you and your British adventure that's coming up.
        I do wish we could swap places – wouldn't that be amazing? Mostly, for us, Chicago is the place where we really fell in love. Jock has a lot of friends there, the culture of the city is amazing, and I love that its a big city but with friendly, mid-west people. I don't think I could go back to LA or NYC at this point, but one day when I have a lot of money, I might just do that. I've heard that Chicago is cold in the winter, but I also heard that it gets exaggerated. Baltimore has cold winters as well, and I think the fact that the summers are so hot makes up for the coldness? I'll let you know as it goes along how I take it.
        I'll email you about the meet up!


  2. Congrats Lady!!! I'm so happy for you guys. Such big news and it's great you guys are willing to take risks and jump in. I too am so excited about moving back to the States (in one week!) and am dreaming about going into Target, Sephora, Trader Joes and eating Mexican food. It will be such a strange transition but good to focus on the positive.

    I wonder what sorts of re-pat blogs are out there? There must be tons of ladies who've lived abroad and come back to the States to find a charge of culture shock. That would be something to look into…

    Anyway, so glad for your travels. I know Seattle is out of the way but we've got great coffee so stop by anytime and we can compare notes about being back. :)

    • Thanks Alisha! God, I've forgotten about Sephora! How could I? My mouth is salivating at Mexican food…God, I miss it…is it sad that I could really use a Mexican pizza right? I know Taco Bell isn't exactly real Mexican, but even that would do right now.
      Well, I plan on having a re-pat blog, and I don't know about you but maybe we'll start our own re-pat connections!
      Proud of you too for sticking your head into your book. Can't believe it's a week away for you. I've never been to Seattle – would be fab to go there. I've heard amazing things about it. xo

  3. I'm so excited for you Meagan. You're brave! Good for you. But selfishly I'm sad that I won't be hearing all the lovely UK stories anymore. I bet Jock's family will be sad that he'll be far away. But there are planes right? And they can visit.
    You now have so many beautiful choices of where to stay in the States for a while until Sept. I was in Chicago in Jan. and really fell in love with the city ! Bestest of luck !!!

    • Don't worry – I will still have my column over at AND Magazine. I have many stories that I have yet to write down, and I will continue to be a Lady Who Lunches in the land of internet for some time.
      Chicago is amazing, isn't it? This blog will continue strongly even over there.

  4. seems to me you can always be the lady who lunches. maybe a new tag line a la tolkien: there and back again (and again?)

    but you have made "the lady who lunches" your own. hang onto it!


  5. Woohoo! Congratulations and welcome back (almost) to the States. I've been seriously considering making a move to Chicago. At least I would know one person if I decide to make the leap :)

  6. I would say I can tell you where all the IN places to lunch are in Chicago, but since I usually stay home, they'd all probably have closed years ago.
    One thing to thnk about if you're plans aren't concrete, since summer in Chicago is the best time, I would enjoy your new city for a while and then travel to the other places when the weather cools. Believe me, if you've experienced a Chicago winter, you'll want to relish every minute of the summer.
    And what are you thinking anyway – Nevada in the summer!? Yikes.

    • Hi there! Well, Nevada is just for a couple of days to celebrate our two year anniversary – that's where we met originally, and there is air conditioning and pools everywhere. Plus, my uncle lives in Vegas.
      But, plans are continuing to change, so we might end up in Chicago sooner than expected after all. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. congratulations meg-o!!! How exciting! I've heard super things about Chicago and have a good friend moving their for grad-school in the fall too! If you have time when you are in bmore, it would be amazing to hang out with you and the gals! my best to you dearest!

  8. Awww, you're leaving Bristol right before I get there! Bummer. But good luck and happy travels around America and on to Chicago! :)

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