Script Frenzy Update – Day 28/30 – I did it!! I won!

Two days early, and I am up to 104 pages! I still have about six pages left to actually tie the whole story together, but it feels good! Since to win Script Frenzy, you only need 100 – I have completed it!

Also, the staff at Script Frenzy have been giving their updates, I decided to copy them and let you know a bit about my screenplay.

Genre: Romantic-Comedy

Title: The Vegas Effect

Logline: Four friends have hit the dregs of life – an abused, career-driven wife, a depressed, sex-starved actress, an emotional construction worker who cares for his autistic brother and a womanizing, recently fired, stock market trader. The only way to shake their lives up is a trip to Las Vegas.  (still working on this)

Outline: My Novel.

1. The climax of a script tends to come in a fight, a kiss, a revelation or an explosion: If you had to characterize your script’s climax as one of these, which would you pick and why?

There is a fight that comes after a big revelation.

2. Your script is almost fully formed! Or almost to 100 pages at least. Break it down for us:

Best Line:


You know. Every American has a

phone number that begins with 555.

It’s in the movies and on all the

television programs. Everyone knows that.

This line is stolen from real life.

Worst Line:


As much as I’d like to beat my

gum’s with you, gotta get back to

work. Let’s make it snappy.

Very bad line, but kind of goes with character.

Funniest typo: “Kis Kis” – somehow I forgot the extra S. The word doesn’t have the same effect without the extra S.

Best visual: “Main Character crawls on all fours through vanity area to main room. She slowly crawls around the room, turning off all the lights. The DOOR IS KNOCKING more and more agitatedly. She crawls under the bed.”

And, most importantly, does your script test positive for the presence of an animal? (Pet / beast / pest): It does! A mountain lion!

8 thoughts on “Script Frenzy Update – Day 28/30 – I did it!! I won!

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  2. Big congratulations….. great dedication. You must be shuffed :-)
    I am 40 pages short at the moment but it's the first thing I've ever written so am still happy.
    Cheers, Kev

  3. Thanks Alisha! I kind of want to break out the champagne, but is it just me or is it not appropriate to celebrate every achievement over here? It sure isn't like when I wrote that book in second grade called "Me, I'm Special" and got an award for the book from my teacher just for finishing it (every second grader finished it and got an award). I miss those gold stars ;)

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