Script Frenzy Month of Chaos!

Tomorrow starts the month of torture – the best kind. Late night writing, outlining, tearing my hair out, eye crossing, caffeinated bliss. 30 days. 100 pages. A format I’ve never done before.

I’ve entered an international writing event called Script Frenzy in which the participants have one month to complete 100 pages of a script. It can be anything from a screen play to a play for the theatre.

Michelle over at Mid-Atlantic English emailed me last week asking me if I was interested in signing up with her, and seeing as I’m putting my novel down for now (i.e. it’s finished and a literary agent is currently reading it), I need an excuse to take my mind off the novel and the possibility of it being published and I’m always up for a good, old fashioned challenge.

And, as I’ve never attempted to write an entire screenplay, I thought, why the hell not? I certainly read enough of them when I worked in casting in Los Angeles. Plus, since I’ve just completed the novel, the story is fresh in my mind, and hopefully, I can more easily layout the scenes for the movie.

I already vision the first scene – hungover, makeup caked, pasty mouth, Las Vegas, diamond ring gleaming on floor next to best friend. Sounds appetizing, doesn’t it?

Throughout the month of April, I shall be posting updates on how it’s going – the good, the bad, the terror.

So, allons-y! You with me?

7 thoughts on “Script Frenzy Month of Chaos!

  1. This sounds like an excellent idea. This is my first visit to your blog but I'll be sure and check back to see how you're getting on. I'll be curious to read about your experience and to hear what you think of the process. I suppose it's a great way to unleash the creativity and get the first draft out of your head and onto the page without the luxury of self-editing? Possibly a bonus. Best of luck to you!

    • Thanks for stopping by! It's always so nice to have new readers over here, and I hope it proves to be as exciting a read as I know I will be experiencing! Exactly about the self-editing! I need to splurge it all on the page, and not look back until May! Now, off to read your blog!

  2. Hope you get your sleep tonight my dear, because it sounds like we'll need it by the end of this!! I shall post updates as well. Ive got some good websites Ive just discovered I'll send your way tomorrow. I haven't been this giddy since I pulled all nighters then turned in surprisingly amazing essays at uni! ;)

    Oh, and thanks again for signing up with me x x

    • Got the websites. Will respond to you in a bit! Feel great about this whole thing, and I agree! I feel so giddy. Of course this is going to be the busiest month – that's just how it works, right?!
      Thanks for getting me to sign up. xo

  3. I read your post and the project sounded so cool, I signed up to participate myself! I'll be doing the playwriting end though as that's my area of "expertise"! You're worlds ahead of me though! Good luck with your project and I can't wait till your novel comes out!

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