Wrestling and Cheese Festival

Seeing as it’s Thursday, I’m a bit late to talk about last weekend, but I’ll excuse myself on the fact that we’ve been moving house. See how kind I am to myself? Thanks Meagan. No Problem MAL.

Saturday – Jock’s birthday present came to life! Three words – MEN IN TIGHTS. Despite Jock’s brothers cries to the contrary about TNA Wrestling versus WWE sucking, I found it AWESOME (as the crowd shouted over and over again – “This is Awesome. This is Awesome.” Yes, we’re still in England here. Although, I have to admit, I never watched WWE, so I can’t compare the two. In fact, I’d never watched wrestling before Saturday night.)

The three best parts of watching live wrestling at Wembley Arena? The hilariousness of it all (we literally did not stop laughing the entire night), the strange feeling of nostalgia for home that I felt (the announcers were all American), and the tag-team duo BEER MONEY. Yes, their name was Beer Money, and they got the crowd to continuously shout it throughout the evening whilst they wrestled…drinking beer – even when they weren’t in the ring. That’s impressive. Guess where they were from? Yup, Texas. Even the tag team duo The British Invasion weren’t even British. They got on the microphone and had the biggest New York accents I’ve heard since I’ve been out here. Who knew wrestling would remind me of home?

Oh, and then there was the butt move. Gotta love this one. Halfway through the show, we moved forward to better seats.

So, that was wrestling. Would I go again? Hell to the yeah. Honestly, I think this present for Jock’s birthday may have been more for me than him. Although, he seemed to have enjoyed it.

Sunday. A lovely cheese festival was happening in Bristol, and I met up with Kate from Lahloo Tea and her husband, and Zoe and her husband, Lee. It was a very small festival as far as festivals go, but the best part? The ridiculously good folk band called Fromage en Feu. They had a string bassist which again, reminded me of past days when I played. And they had a name in french, which was just lovely (as many of you know my love for everything French), oh and I spoke in French for a good five minutes! That alone is enough to make an entire weekend for me. The two girls standing in front evoked images of Mary Poppins with their sweet little hats, and whereas the day previous, I was in American wonderland, Sunday was the epitome of a British winter – Apple Cider, a waterfront, wine, a harpsichord, English people everywhere….you get the gist.

(Side Note: I’ve also begun noticing how I’ve been asking myself questions in a lot of previous posts. Did someone else mention this to me? No, it’s merely my own musings.)

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