Workout DVDs Killed the Gym Star

This whole New Year’s resolution to challenge myself even more with workouts has finally taken off. I am now truly a Lady who Lunches because surely all ladies who lunch buy themselves workout DVDs! Yes, it’s true. I have succumb to the good housewife’s saving grace of the workout DVD.

Which ones did I buy after careful research you may ask?

Davina McCall’s Davina Fit DVD AND Pilates Weight Loss Workout for Dummies . Amazon, always the cheapest option, will be shipping it the house in the next few days. I feel very sorry for my new downstairs neighbors who will have to endure my jumping about left and right. Gotta make a sweat, right!

To be fair, it is cheaper than a gym membership. It adds to my running twice or thrice a week, and I can sport my newly bought (by my mother) lycra in the privacy of my own living room. Viva la lycratech! If only I had this outfit!

(UPDATE: After forking out £18 for the two DVDs, I have come upon this FREE website that delivers full length workout videos. DOH!)

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