Making Friends Abroad

As I have such close friends back home, being away from them is always hard. I did it once in Paris, but again, I was with other Americans who I didn’t have to try that hard with. Being in England, though seemingly easy, was quite tough at first to feel like I fit in. I do tend to blurt out random abrupt direct things at the most inopportune times, and that can be a turn off. Plus, if you’re in your home country, it can be weird to be friends with a foreigner, and honestly, I don’t blame people for not wanting to try to befriend me. We all remember the foreign kid at school. Well, that’s me!

Plus, I think I’m actually a natural loner.

Others might disagree, but I think, naturally, I am. I make a real effort to be outgoing. I think if I just let myself go, I could easily be in the corner most of the time watching others interact with others. Also, if I let myself think too long and hard about meeting new people, going out with big groups or being the center of attention, I get panicky. So, I make myself not think about it and push through…after all, that’s what you gotta do in life. Push through the things that scare you the most, right?

Mostly all the jobs I have ever had has meant me being alone for the better part of the day. And even as I get older, again, I’m straying away from acting and feeling more comfortable with being alone on my laptop writing about characters.

So, why am I writing about being a friendless old outcast?

Well, I was recently asked to guest blog on the illustrious Melissa’s Smitten by Britain blog, and we came up with a post about how I started a ladies group in England as a foreigner. I was a member of one in Los Angeles, and found it to be one of the most fulfilling things I did whilst I was there.

So, if you’re like me – a lonely miserable expat who is in dire need of friends (just kidding!), then start your own group! I swear there is nothing like getting together with a group of women to lift your spirits. These women have become true friends, and I’m so happy they agreed to come hang out every month. I didn’t even have to pay them!


5 thoughts on “Making Friends Abroad

  1. Yep, I'm totally a loner too. So nervous about making friends in a new country. But I'm up for the challenge and really looking forward to it!

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