First Adult Thanksgiving…DONE.

Even though I may have almost had a minor heart attack in the days coming up to the event, it was nothing that making some lists, planning by the hour what my schedule would be and just a fantastic host of a boyfriend couldn’t solve. I kind of am a bit disgusted with myself because it went so well. I was half expecting to have some really funny, clever stories to share, and anecdotes of how a Lady Who Lunches should never try to cook. But alas, let’s face it – it was a bloody (yes, I said it…BLOODY!) good evening that couldn’t have gone smoother.

Guests arrived by 8PM, food was out by 8:30 and warm, and we even had a master carver who helped carve the turkey. Because, lord knows I didn’t know how. Turkey fully cooked, and besides the lack of support for my pumpkin pie…all the other foods were eaten. Like Jock said, he didn’t think the British were ready for Pumpkin in a pie.

However, much to my surprise, they were ready for some sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top! Once they got over the “marshmallows? And, you’re sure it’s not dessert?,” they dove right in and there was none left by the end of the evening.

The last person strayed out at 3:30 in the morning.

I’m very proud. Very very proud, and honestly, I couldn’t have done it without everyone else pitching in with cooking some of the sides, and Jock popping his head around asking who needed a drinky drink. First Thanksgiving as an adult…DONE.

I had such a good time, I almost forgot to take pictures.  These are the few I did get around to taking…

7 thoughts on “First Adult Thanksgiving…DONE.

  1. WOW! Excellent and I'm so very happy for you that it all worked out! Trust me — they will come around to pumpkin pie eventually. I have some cousins in Germany and they would never have considered corn as an edible veggie , but after we served it to them when they visited us in Canada, they eat it all the time over there, now !!! Perseverance ! And CONGRATS on a dinner well done !!!!!!

    • How could they not like corn?!
      Well, hopefully. I had some pumpkin pie for dinner last night (that's how much I have left), and I think it's the most tasty thing ever!
      Thanks Hanna for your support!!

  2. My goodness you must have been exhausted with the last person leaving at 3 in the morning! Well done Meg. Okay, so no pumpkin in a pie but meat in a pie is perfectly fine? Ha,ha! And by the way, you live with a Brit so I think it's perfectly acceptable that you might pick up and use some of the lingo. Too bloody right! You can't help it. I should know.

    So did anyone besides yourself put any beads in the bowl?

    • Yeah, I should really post another post saying "Signs I'm No Longer American" because that list might be getting longer by the month!
      I think it's great you still use those sayings. When I came back from France, all I wanted to do was say slang french words, but unfortunately no one quite got that.

      And, yes! There were 11 beads in the bowl by the end of the night – nearly half! Not bad for a first thanksgiving.

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