The Luck of the Irish?

Heading to Ireland tomorrow, so thought I’d post one last time before I set off for two weeks.

I am so excited for Ireland. For many reasons.

First, this is the first time we’ve had two weeks to travel and just have fun with each other since that fateful trip to Chicago in July 2008. Granted, we haven’t had a bad life since then – a trip to Florida, Baltimore, Spain and several places around England – but this is the first all out full two week holiday. Jock doesn’t have to worry about work, I’ll take a break from writing and let my head have some breathing space. We can go where we want when we want to.

Secondly, Ireland just seems magical. Maybe it’s the stories of Leprechauns, pots of gold, four leaf clovers and Guiness. Or, maybe it’s the way it’s depicted in the movies as lush, green and sprawling country side with simple, nice, happy people. However it is magical, I don’t care. I just know it will be.

Finally, it’s where most of America’s ancestors come from. I know that I have a few from there, and I want to experience firsthand the luck of the Irish – why there are so many of them all over the world! I feel like I’m going to be changed by this trip. Don’t know how, but just a feeling. Hopefully the change won’t just be that I have far fewer British Pounds than when I set out…

6 thoughts on “The Luck of the Irish?

  1. Meg,

    If you get a chance you should check out Trinity's campus. They should have a show going on. When I was in Dublin, they were actually doing 'Waiting for Godot' steps away from Beckett's old dorm room. Even if it isn't one of Sam's plays, the campus is so beautiful. You can sense all the smarts of past and present flying around the place.

    There is also a pretty dope 'art house' cinema in Dublin. I believe it is on the outskirts of the Temple Bar part of town.

    If you get a chance to walk through Dublin's main post office, it is epic.

    My buddy Rob Murphy is from Dublin proper and says you should go check out his dad's Pub 'The Bleeding Horse' @ 24 Camden Street Upper.

    If you get a chance to go to Belfast, the murals are beautiful.

    Outside of cities there are three things that made my trip. First was the Aran Islands. We took a bike ride around the main one and the panorama is still locked in my memory. There are some ruins that sit at the islands highest point and face out to the sea. Friggin' dope. So beautiful. Second, the Dingle Peninsula. If you go down to the beach, the rock wall comes out in such a way that it forms dozens of alcoves. You can walk down the beach, pick an alcove, look out at the ocean and feel like the only people in the world. The last thing I think you should see is the giant's causeway. It supposedly was a natural bridge from Ireland to Scotland. You can only see a few hundred meters out on the Ireland side. Meg, it is so wild. Out of the earth jut these perfect hexagons, naturally formed. Far out.

    But whatever you do, that place is magical. Have an awesome time. Take a million pictures. I love ya!


    • So, Dingle was everything you said it would be, the Aran Islands we couldn't get to because there were no ferries at this time of year, and Jock might have had a problem getting up North. We plan to go back though.
      Your advice was amazing. Love you girl.

  2. Nomes,
    Thank you thank you thank you.
    Trinity College has a Japanese show on right now that I have no interest in seeing, but thought maybe seeing the Abbey Theatre show with a proper Irish playwright or Ciaran Hinds is playing in a rendition of Daphne du Maurier's The Birds…

    All of these sound amazing. I'm definitely checking out the pub either today or tomorrow – can I use Rob Murphy's name?

    Sweet! So excited! Got in late last night, had some dinner and we're about to head out. Love you loads Nomes!

  3. Ok. So I talked to Rob last night and I was a bit off. The Bleeding Horse is where he loves the Guinness. His dad's pub is MB Slattery's and it is at 217-219 lower Rathmines Rd. Rob's dad's name is Peter and you should fo sho say hello!

    The shows sound dope. Lemmie know what you end up seeing.

    OMG! Have a blast!

  4. sweet! It looks like it's about ten minutes outside Dublin centre, but we have a car, so we plan on going on Tuesday! Yay! We may check out Bleeding Horse as well just for the hell of it.
    Yipppeee! Now, if only you were here!

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