"Ladies Who…Concoct Cocktails!" Invitation

Our next Ladies Who… event is below. There may also be a delicious surprise dessert, but Shhhh, don’t let the other ladies know. After all, it is a surprise! (Yes, I realize the irony of posting this on the world wide web and calling it a surprise. But they’ll never know…winky face).

Since starting this group, it’s been so great to hear about other women’s stories of groups they have started or have been a part of. I just find it so important for ladies to have a strong support system, and although there are other ways to have that besides starting a social group, we are more powerful when we share each other’s stories and can laugh and enjoy what it means to be a woman. Other women just continue to amaze me – what they accomplish, how they accomplish it, and just when I think I have someone nailed down and pinpointed – another facet to them is showed and unearthed. We are so complicated! I love it!

Please continue to share stories here and everywhere!

That’s why I am so excited to have Kate Gover come and share her excitement for tea with our group. Here is a brief snippet about her and her passion for everything tea from her website:

Built in 1867, the Lahloo was one of the most famous tea clippers of the 19th century. So-called because of the way they “clipped” miles, clippers were built for speed and raced to bring tea from China to London.  Having grown up around dockside in London, Kate Gover’s great-great grandfather George Hockaday was drawn into a career as a sailor and he worked on the Lahloo as she joined the clipper races….

Embracing her love and enthusiasm for tea, Kate Gover started to formulate a plan for her own tea business in 2005. She embarked upon a mission to research everything she could about the very best tea, where it was produced, who produced it and the history behind its production.
Through her experiences, Kate discovered that the very best tea is not readily available on the open market and set about looking for tea importers in this country who shared their passion and enthusiasm. The caveat was that they had to import seasonally and direct from independent tea gardens that supported traditional growing and processing methods.
The concept for Lahloo has been born out of the knowledge and passion gathered over a decade of research, travelling, sampling, smelling and tasting.

And so comes Ladies Who…Concoct Tea Cocktails!

Ladies Who...Invitation

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